Steven Tyler American Idol: He's a Dawg!

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Steven Tyler American Idol

Finally, after all the hype about the new judges, American Idol season 10 premiered Wednesday night.

While I mentioned that Jennifer Lopez has trouble saying no to contestants, Steven Tyler is coming across as his usual rock-star self!

He clearly loves the ladies… and I mean LOVES looking at the contestants, checking them out, up and down and all around…

Tyler loves the ladies, and the ladies well, teenagers – love him right back!  He’s a real dawg!!!

For a 62-year-old, he acts as though he’s in his 30s with the amount of enthusiasm he shows for the female contestants.  He also isn’t holding back he had no issue pointing out that a 16-year-old was showing “just the right amount” of leg!

I wonder if any of the contestants even know anything about Tyler’s band Aerosmith?  To think that the band was formed in 1970 40 years ago!

I was a big fan of Aerosmith up until after Pump was released in 1989… and then the band became too mainstream for me.

My favorite songs were “Dream On”, “Sweet Emotion” and of course, “Walk This Way.”

What did you think of Steven Tyler in his role as judge on Idol?