Steven Tyler and James Durbin To Combine Their Inner Crazy On Stage

James Durbin to Perform with Steven Tyler?
American Idol James Durbin

American Idol rocker James Durbin is ready to combine is unique brand of inner crazy on-stage with fellow rocker Steven Tyler!  The two promised the world a duet during the critique of Durbin’s performance of Bon Jovi’s I’ll Be There for You.  Although a good portion of their conversation got the Steven Tyler BEEEEEEEEEEEP, the rockers came to a meeting of minds about performing together sometime in the future.

The only catch is that Durbin declared the performance would come in the American Idol finale.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the prediction could become a reality as I highly expect to see Durbin face off against Casey Abrams for the ultimate title of American Idol.   Even if he doesn’t make it to the finale, it seems like a done deal that Steven Tyler will take the stage at some point this season to show the budding rocker just how the rock-star gig is done!

What do you think of a combined Steven Tyler / James Durbin American Idol performance?

Photo: Fox