Steven Tyler Had An Affair With A Teenager!


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Steven Tyler Carried A Three-Year Affair With A Teenager!

Star Magazine is reporting that American Idol judge Steven Tyler had a three-year-affair with a 15-year-old teenager! Perhaps this is why Idol sent out a confusing apology last night (Feb. 2)?

Tyler hooked up with Julia and according to her friend, Steven was madly in love with her.

She says, “Everyone thought they were both nuts when they got together, but it was typical of the rock ‘n’ roll decadence of the ’70s; it couldn’t have happened in any other era. Steven was totally in love with Julia. Women threw themselves at him, but he didn’t want anyone else!”

When Steven was asked to describe his relationship with Julia, he indeed admitted that he was in loved with her that their love was “mysterious”, “incredible”, and “delicious.”

This would definitely explain the apology that aired on last night’s Idol. Maybe Idol execs missed this tidbit of information before hiring the Aerosmith frontman and are now trying to clean up the mess?

Do you believe this story?