Steven Tyler Is Just Writing A Book!


steventyler4202There’s no need to worry, Aerosmith fans.  Steven Tyler has not quit Aerosmith and does not need help.

He might, however, need an editor.

A spokesperson for Steven Tyler has finally responded to rumors that he’s quitting the legendary band and hanging out with a bad crowd.

Apparently, Tyler is just taking a little time to heal and write a book.  Tyler sustained a shoulder injury in August of this year when he fell off the stage during a concert and his people insist that he’s taking a break in order to recover from the injury.

But don’t worry, Tyler isn’t wasting his downtime with partying and drugs. “He’s concentrating on his book right now while his shoulder heals.”  It seems there is a Steven Tyler autobiography in the works.

Now that Tyler has had a publicist tell us all about why he isn’t talking to his band members, I feel certain that the future of Aerosmith is safe.