"Stop That!" and Watch Betty Draper (VIDEO!)


Freeze! Have you seen the chillingMontage of Betty Draper’s Parenting Skills” on If you haven’t, we’re sending you to time out so you can watch the interactions we love to hate between Mad Men mommy Betty, and her kids Bobby and Sally.

If you’ve seen the clip and can’t get enough of Betty, don’t forget to follow her tweets all season long @BETTYDRAPER or sign up to win a Betty Barbie.

Who would have thought a historical drama could provide such insight into terrible parenting? For more of the glamorous, politically-incorrect lives of the Drapers and Don’s savvy ad team, check out Sunday’s season premiere on AMC at 10 p.m.

And, don’t forget to watch the clip below, but please, don’t go bang your head against a wall, after all, she’s only fiction.