Stop The Insanity: Tom Cruise Buys Suri Her Own Car


tom-cruise-suri-cruiseAs if spending $3 million on a three-year-old’s wardrobe wasn’t crazy enough, now it’s being reported that Tom Cruise has bought Suri her own $30,000 car. I’m sure she’ll soon be parking it in front of her own multi-million dollar apartment on the Upper East Side.

Cruise reportedly spent $30,000 on a custom-made miniature replica of an Indy race car. “Suri has been mesmerized by auto racing on TV, so he thought it would be fun for her to have her own little car to ride in,” a source says.

Let’s hope Suri doesn’t get too ‘mesmerized’ by Star Trek reruns or Tom might find himself shelling out millions to have a space ship made.

“If Suri truly takes to the sport, Tom plans on having a little race track installed at his L.A. property,” the source continued. “But for now she’ll just be going up and down the family’s long driveway.”