Storm Tracker! Hurricane Irene Path: Sarah Jessica Parker & Other East Coast Celeb Families Getting Ready!

hurricane irene
Sarah Jessica Parker prepping for Hurricane Irene!

Hurricane Irene’s path is headed directly for the northeastern United States, and has the potential to be the biggest hurricane that New England has seen since Hurricane Gloria in 1985. From the Washington D.C./Baltimore area to New York City and Boston, east coast families are hunkering down and preparing themselves for a major weekend weather disruption.

I am actually headed to Los Angeles tomorrow, and praying that I make it back to the east coast on Saturday without getting stuck! So far, the storm tracker indicates that I’ll arrive back in Boston just in the nick of time, but I’m not holding my breath.

Sarah Jessica Parker is one New Yorker who is already taking the necessary precautions to keep her kids safe during the storm. She is supposedly “removing anything that could fly through windows” in anticipation of Hurricane Irene’s arrival. Parker is currently stocking up on batteries, water, and flashlights, in order to get her family ready for the storm.

Plenty of other celebrities call the east coast home…let’s hope they are prepared as well!