Students Attack Prince Charlies & Camilla's Car - Why?


London students…they are mad, really mad.  Students have been protesting the large funding cuts to the universities, which would result in a steep increase in tuition which would make it impossible for many students to be able to attend in the future. And they showed their anger to their Prince today. On Thursday, students attacked the car that was carrying Prince Charles and Camilla. What happened?

The couple were in their car driving down Regent Street, there is no word why the two were put in harms way and how their paths crossed with the protesters. Their caravan accidently came across the protesters while they were on their way to a performance at the Pallidium.

Prince Charles has nt immediate comment on the events and apparently there was no “real” damage to the car and that mostly the students were just kicking the car.  After the Prince and Camilla came out of the car, they seemed “calm.” But the students were able to give a “clear message,” they are not happy with these cuts…not at all.

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