Students Charged In Tyler Clementi Case Drop Out Of Rutgers


Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei, the two Rutgers students who are charged with broadcasting Tyler Clementi’s dorm room tryst–the one that led to his suicide–have dropped out of Rutgers University.

Molly, the student whose computer was used to set up the surveillance, has claimed she is concerned for her safety on campus. “She is a student in good standing, has not been convicted of anything but had concerns for her safety,” her lawyer told the Star Ledger. She will seek to enroll at another school.

Dharun, the one who set everything up and announced a viewing of Tyler on his Facebook, withdrew earlier this month for the same reason. “Realistically, they couldn’t go back no matter what. He definitely plans to go somewhere else.”

While safety is surely a big issue, there may have been more at stake. If the pair has stayed enrolled, they could have faced disciplinary action from the University along with the criminal charges against them.