Style Watch: Sarah Jessica Parker Wears UGGS!!


An occupational hazard of looking at hundreds of pictures of celebrity moms per day is that you start to feel a little..well, slobby. I mean, I don’t own turquoise heels. I don’t have a biker look that I wear on playdates. It never occurs to me to roll up my jeans or don a scarf. Most of the time, I sport an old concert t-shirt adorned with snot. Chalk it up to the joys of life with two toddlers.

But today, hallelujah! Today, I am not alone. Today, Sarah Jessica Parker, the style queen herself, threw on a pair of Uggs to walk her son, James Wilkie to school today. Uggs! I thought they were supposed to be passe. I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see Sarah Jessica wearing comfortable footwear. If only she could see fit to get Marion or Tabitha to smear some baby food on her cardigan and then I swear, we’d be twins.Tomorrow I am sure she will return to being stylish and fabulous, but for today, I will revel in her dressed-down attire.

More photos of Sarah Jessica Parker and James Wilkie doing the school thing on the next page. Photos: Elder Ordonez,