Hollywood Mom Candace Cameron


candace-cameron-bure-abc-family-world-record-elf-partyCandace Cameron has lived a charmed life. As a youth she was on a successful sitcom, she avoided the teen trappings of Hollywood and now has beautiful family.

She married Valeri Bure in 1996 and had three wonderful children. She now stars on “Make It Or Break It” on ABC. She is a true Hollywood success story.

I don’t mean that she’s a headliner, just that she made it through all the pitfalls of growing up in that “Hollywood” environment and she’s happy.

She and her husband have a pretty good set-up. Their kids: Natasha, 11, Lev, 10 and Maksim, 8, are all excelling and are just adorable. She’s not planning on adding to her family anytime soon

“We’re done. Would I like more? Sure. I would love more. But we’re finished. As my husband would say, when we travel and rent a car, we can all fit in a normal-sized car and not have to get an SUV for five seats. It’s all about the car.”

I like where she’s going with this. We’re done with two. We’re going for the whole two kids, two parents thing, one for each hand. The rental car thing though sounds like a good plan, well thought out.


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