Sunday School Barbie, French Maid Barbie: Real Barbies, No Joke!


lingerie-barbieMattel created Sunday School Teacher Barbie and Lingerie Barbie but never produced these dolls. On the Million Dollar Money Drop the question that was asked was “Which is not an actual Barbie produced by Mattel?”

The Sunday School Teacher Barbie was never produced by Mattel.  But in what universe would Sunday School Teacher Barbie and Lingerie Barbie be a good idea?  It is amazing but true that the Lingerie Barbie was not only considered a wholesome toy for little girls but there are at least six models of the toy doll.

The new info we all learned about Barbie was very enlightening tonight from Million Dollar Money Drop, don’t you agree?  But I think the worst/best Barbie that never made it into mass production was—-and I’m not kidding—The French Maid Barbie Doll.

This is not a joke, there was really a French Maid Barbie doll!  According to a website created by law professors, here is the scoop on French Maid Barbie:

The French Maid Barbie doll, designed by Robert Best, celebrates the working woman. The uniform includes crisp black dress, accented with white cuffs and collar, apron, and petticoat. Matching cap and alluring fishnets lend an air of sophistication. Black mary janes and feather duster complete the ensemble.


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