Sunny James Almost Spilled Sandra's Baby Secret


It was crazy, as in CIA/James Bond/Secret Russian Spy crazy, that Sandra Bullock was able to keep her adoption of Louis a secret from the media for so long. Doing this without being a celebrity would be difficult, but in her case it was especially hard since everyone in the world was looking to spot a glimpse of her Where’s Waldo style in the wake of her Oscar win and the Jesse James scandal.

She succeeded, but she had some close calls!  Who almost let the cat out of the bag? Was it the paparazzi? A trusted friend? The nosy neighbor?

Nope, it Sandra’s stepdaughter Sunny James.

“Sunny was on the phone with me, and Sandra was right there listening to what was being talked about,” Sunny’s mother Janine Lindemulder tells Life & Style. “Sunny started to tell me she was really excited because somebody in the family was possibly pregnant. Then all of a sudden, the phone went silent. Sunny finally got back on the phone and said, ‘Oh, I can’t talk about that. That’s my secret with Sandy.'”

This is pretty cute. It’s nice that Sunny was excited and not threatened by having a new sibling, but Janine was understandably slightly peeved that Sandra was instructing her daughter to keep things from her.  But hey it worked! The secret to keeping a GIANT secret: Being strict.