Sunny James Spends Easter with Her Nanny?


This poor kid.

Sunny James apparently spent Easter weekend–or at least much of it–with her nanny, rather than with her family. Here she is playing in her driveway Easter morning, just days after helping her grandmother move boxes of what are purported to be Sandra Bullock’s stuff out of her house. She was also spotted out and about with her nanny in Los Angeles on Saturday. Oddly enough, both her mother, Leslie James, and her sister, Chandler James were seen stopping by the house over the weekend–just not with Sunny. (Photo: Karl Larsen) 

The bright side in all of this seems to be that little Sunny looks happy enough. Maybe she and her nanny are super-tight, and there is no one she would rather be with right now. I’m hoping so. Still, with all the comings and goings of people and boxes, the uncertainty of her father’s marriage and his stint in “rehab”–its hard to believe this kid couldn’t use a parent right about now.

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