Sunny Oglesby Is Lovin Levi: Who Is the Girl that Won Levi Johnston's Heart?


sunny oglesbyPass Bristol Palin a box of Kleenex and give Kathy Griffin a box of wine!  Alaska’s bad boy Levi Johnston is apparently off the market thanks to a local daycare teacher named Sunny Oglesby.

Who is Sunny Oglesby you ask?

Sunny Oglesby is Levi Johnston’s new girlfriend.  Levi’s potential future baby mama is a 19–year-old transplant to Wasila, Alaska.   She currently working at an elementary school in a daycare and teaches preschool on the side.  Her career aspirations go further than her current humble beginnings and Ms. Oglesby is working towards her Child Development Associates (CDA) degree.

An outdoorsy girl at heart, Sunny Oglesby lists hunting, fishing, and camping as some of her leisure activities on Facebook.   She apparently has had bad luck with men in the past saying “I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned from them.. Had a lot of loser ex boyfriends and friends that just made me stronger and better..Stay out of drama as much as I possibly can but it finds me haha.”  If drama is what she wants, she’s definitely found it smack dab in the lap of Levi Johnston!

What are your thoughts on Levi Johnston’s new girlfriend Sunny Oglesby?

Photo: Facebook