Sunny Oglesby: Levi Johnston Using Sunny Oglesby For Fame?

sunny oglesby levi johnston
Is Levi Johnston Using Sunny Oglesby?

Sunny Oglesby is Levi Johnston’s new girlfriend, and she seems like a nice girl. Sunny Oglesby announced that she was dating Levi on her Facebook page.

Even Levi Johnston’s ex, Bristol Palin approves of her. Considering that she will likely meet Bristol and Levi’s son, Tripp, at some point in the near future, I’d say she has to be a decent person to have won Bristol’s approval.

Sunny Oglesby may have been charmed by Levi Johnston, but is he using her to gain an extra 15 minutes of fame? Rumors have surfaced that Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby may star in a new reality show together called “Loving Levi.”

It’s no secret that Levi Johnston has been trying to get his own reality show for quite sometime. He was first supposed to star in a show with Bristol Palin before they broke up, and then he was supposed to have a show based on his running for mayor of Wasilla.

Could it be that Levi Johnston has found a worth reality show concept with new love Sunny Oglesby?

If I were Sunny, I’d run for the hills…or at least the mainland.

Photo: PRPhotos