Super Bowl 2011: 400 Fans Left Out in the Cold But Celebs Get Seats


super bowl ticketsCan you imagine having a ticket to Super Bowl 2011 and traveling all the way to the game to cheer on your team, only to find out that you didn’t have a seat as promised?

This happened to 1,250 Super Bowl 2011 ticket holders.  Some of the temporary seating areas in the Cowboys Stadium were not completed in time and were deemed unusable. While safety is a concern, for the fans who managed to get their Super Bowl tickets and make the trip, it would have been nice to know this earlier. Seats were found for 850 of those fans, but the other 400 weren’t given seats, though they were given refunds that were triple the value of the tickets.

You can bet there were no celebrities left without a seat.

To have gotten a ticket in the first place, fans had to either have won the NFL ticket lottery or have bought their ticket from someone who did.  Not to mention have to pay to get their. What do celebrities have to do to go to the Super Bowl? Just ask?

There are some upset fans this morning, and they aren’t just Steeler fans.