Super Bowl 2011: Eminem Gets Bleeping Animated for Super Bowl Ad (Video)

super bowl eminem
Eminem Gets Animated for the Super Bowl

Even the animated version of Eminem gets bleeped at the Super Bowl!   In the commercial aired tonight for Brisk iced tea, an animated version of Slim Shady shows up dressed in his classic white t-shirt, jeans, and gray hoody in a rant about why he doesn’t endorse products. 

Not even the animated Eminem can clean up his act as he heads to the recording studio for a expletive-laced recording that includes more more bleeps than any other commercial of the night.  You would think that the brand would try to tame it down a little for the prime time, family friendly Super Bowl.

Watch Eminem’s Super Bowl Ad for Brisk….

Photo: Pacific Coast News