Super Bowl 2011: Snickers Shelves Betty White for Roseanne?!?! (Video)

super bowl ads 2011
Roseanne Barr Super Bowl Ad

Last year Snickers clobbered Betty White in an impromptu friendly football game, this year the company slammed Roseanne Barr in a logging camp.  What?????????????

See Snickers slam Roseanne in its Super Bowl ad…..

I totally get the football ad…. and the follow-up carpool ad with Aretha Franklin.   Those are real world situations where folks might grab a Snickers for a snack.  But a logging camp?  I’m not going to a logging camp.  Most of you are not going to a logging camp.  Roseanne is definitely not going to a logging camp.   This year’s Snickers ad is just an example of sitting on your laurels.  Instead of coming up with a new idea they just rolled out their old idea because it worked last year.  Unfortunately it just doesn’t work this year!  Nice try Snickers, better luck next year!!