Super Bowl 2011: Glee's Lea Michele Sings America The Beautiful to Christina Aguilera's Horror (Video)

super bowl lea michele
Lea Michele Sings America the Beautiful

Note to Christina Aguilera  – Do Not Sing After Glee’s Lea Michele Ever Again! 

On any other night folks might be saying that Christina Aguilera rocked the National Anthem, but not tonight.  Tonight Christina has the unfortunate predicament of singing the Star Spangled Banner right after Glee’s Lea Michele totally hit a home run with America the Beautiful.

Watch Glee’s Lea Michele sing America the Beautiful….

Lea Michele looked perfectly youthful and gorgeous in a simple trench coat and slacks while she effortlessly sang America the Beautiful to the delight of the crowd.  Christina looked a bit overdone with over-bleached hair in an overly tight black suit to sing the National Anthem.  It was bad to start with and then all collapsed when Christina flubbed the lines (something that my seven-year-old pointed out!) 

Sorry Christina, Lea Michele really knocked it out of the park tonight!

Photo: PR Photos