Super Bowl Commercials 2011: Joan Rivers Is No Betty White (Video)

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Joan Rivers Is the New Go Daddy Girl

Last year was the year of Betty White.  It all started with a little Snickers commercial during the Super Bowl and ended with Betty White ruling the world.    If it worked for Betty…. maybe it will work for another um, “mature”, actress. 

Apparently that’s what the folks over at Go Daddy think as they have unveiled their new hot Go Daddy Girl to be none other than comedienne Joan Rivers.  Yep, that Joan Rivers from the Tonight Show. 

The internet company has apparently decided its time to poke some fun at itself by upgrading to a mature version of its annual Go Daddy Girl with a completely renovated model (Joan’s head inserted onto the body of a model).   Joan actually seems to be a good fit for the company as neither party is taking themselves very seriously.  Don’t expect Joan to see the same career upswing that Betty White saw last year because just isn’t sweet Betty.  For now you’ll have to keep watching Joan on the reality tv show, Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best. 

Photo: PR Photos