Super Bowl Commercials – The Game's Over, Where Were the Great Commercials?

super bowl commercials
Super Bowl Commercials 2011

Is it just me or did the Super Bowl commercials kinda blow this year?   Usually there are a handful of commericals that really stand out and have the party talking long after they aired.   Some even have us remembering them for years (even decades) later.   This year I’m having trouble remembering any of them. 

I’ll admit that some of the Super Commercials were good.  The Doritos pug commercial was cute.  The VW one with the kid using the Star Wars force was kinda adorable.  Joan Rivers as the Go Daddy Girl was alright.  Kim Kardashian’s Sketchers ad was sexy.  There are a whole bunch of kids oriented movies coming out this summer, I just can’t remember which ones.  All-in-all the Super Bowl Ads of 2011 were good, they just weren’t great.    Not even Justin Bieber was able to deliver a standout Super Bowl commercial alongside Ozzy Osbourne!

The best commercial of the night was from the Fox network in a satire of the old Mean Joe Green Coke commerical….. too bad it doesn’t really count since Fox doesn’t have to pay itself for the time.

What did you think of tonight’s Super Bowl Commericals?