Super Bowl Halftime Show 2011: Who SHOULD Have Performed

black eyes peas, super bowl halftime show
The Super Bowl Halftime Performers.

Now that we are out of that torture called the Super Bowl Halftime Show 2011, I think it is time to write an open letter to FOX and let them know who SHOULD have performed at this year’s event.

First, I would like to say that I am a big Black Eyed Peas fan as well as Usher’s. But the sound and song choices were absolutely horrendous! There are no excuses for this.

So now it is time to make a list of performers who would have killed it this year! (And I mean in the good way.)

1. Britney Spears – She is on her way to a huge year with the upcoming release of her seventh studio album, Femme Fatale.

2. Lady Gaga – No description needed. She would have killed it.

3. Katy Perry – Her music was already used in so many promos, you have thought she was performing anyway.

Let’s just hope that whichever network is in control of the Super Bowl next year, they will put more effort into the halftime show! And whoever thinks it is too “risky” to have a female perform ever since the whole Janet Jackson fiasco – please lighten up. It is 2011 for crying out loud.

Who do you think should have performed?