Super Hot Supermodel Allesandra Ambrosio Finally Looks Pregnant (Photos)

Shopping in L.A. with a friend on February 24.

It was kind of tough to tell that supermodel Allessandra Ambrosio was pregnant when she hit the runway last month.

I mean, she looks better at 5-months along then I look on my very, very, very, very best non-pregnant day.

And you really couldn’t tell she was pregnant when, at two months pregnant Ambrosio graced the Victoria’s Secret catwalk in underwear.

But, the 31-year-old supermodel and mother was spotted in L.A. yesterday sporting a pretty good-sized baby bump.  It even looks as if her belly button has popped.

Alas, those hoping to see her packing on the pounds will be sadly disappointed.

She looks amazing.  Check her out in the photos below.

  • Around 6 Months Along 1 of 3
    Around 6 Months Along
    Pregnant Alessandra Ambrosio shops with her baby bump at Fred Segal in Los Angeles.
  • Brazilian Beauty 2 of 3
    Brazilian Beauty
    Still no word on whether she's having a girl or a boy. Allesandra already has a 3-year-old daughter, Anja, with her husband.
  • Smokin’ Hot Mama 3 of 3
    Smokin' Hot Mama
    I wish I looked that good in jeans any time.

All images: Pacific Coast News

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