Wow! Suri Cruise Has a $100,000 Tree House? True or False?

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Did Tom and Katie buy Suri a $100,000 tree house?

Suri Cruise is reportedly livin’ large… and not just at mom and dad’s house. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are said to have bought Suri a $100,000 tree house!

Only the best for Suri Cruise!

In Touch reports that Tom and Katie got Suri the perfect little tree house – that also just happens to have running water, carpeting and electricity.

A family friend spills to In Touch, “It may sound funny, but Suri now has her dream home. She hosts tea parties there on fine china and watches TV with friends.”

We already know that Suri Cruise has a massive shoe collection, a sweet wardrobe of clothing, and nannies, plus she gets to travel everywhere with Tom and Katie.

Before we get down on Tom and Katie spoiling Suri though, reports that Cruise/Holmes’ rep says the elaborate tree house story is “false.”

Still, it’s a little food for thought – would you buy your kids an elaborate tree house like that, if money was no object?

Image: PCNPhotos