Suri Cruise and Violet Affleck Dress Drastically Different For Fall


suirvioletSuri Cruise and Violet Affleck don’t just have different styles but apparently they have very different threasholds for cold weather. Both the Crusie/Homes and Garner/Affleck families are currently in Boston. Ben Affleck is working on The Town while Tom Cruise works on Wichita.

Over the holiday weekend both Suri and Violet were spotted going to Starbucks with their moms on different occasions. What extremely different looks did these girls sport?  Violet wisely opted for a heavy puffer jacket with pants, sneakers and mittens. What did Suri wear for the same errand? A lightweight pink dress and heels, no tights, no leggings, and certainly no mittens.

The TomKat Family Out Getting Some Starbucks In BostonViolet Aflleck

What do you think is more appropriate for Boston’s fall weather?