Suri Cruise: Another Day, Another Nanny


Just how many nannies does Suri Cruise have, anyway? Check out this picture of her cuddling up with her caregiver on Tuesday in New York. Update: That woman might just be her sister, Isabella Cruise. What do you think?

The two were spotted leaving Chelsea Piers, a sports and entertainment complex on the Hudson River. Then just one day later, still in New York–here she is being carried by another caregiver.

Now, I doubt we have a Brad and Angelina style five-nanny rotation in the Cruise household. (Although, I guess it isn’t out of the question) But what with Suri being a creature of habit and all–carrying around the same blanket, eating all her meals at Alice’s Tea Cup–I wonder how the multiple handlers thing goes over with her. Will we be seeing Suri traipsing around the city with anyone else in the coming weeks?

Source/Photo1: Photo2: Thornton/Swarbick/

Updated 4/8, 1:30 PM to reflect possibility that the woman identified as the first nanny may just be Isabella Cruise, Suri’s sister.