5 Suri Cruise Birthday Wishes: Happy Birthday Suri Cruise!

Suri Cruise pacifier birthday 5
Suri Cruise birthday: time to give up the pacifier?

It’s Suri Cruise’s birthday and we’ve got some great Suri Cruise birthday wishes to help Tom and Katie’s little one have a great 5th birthday!

1. Ditch the pacifier – You’re 5 now, Suri. It’s time to put away the binky and celebrate your fabulous girlyness. There are much better accessories!

2. Stay grounded. Get your parents to stop carrying you everywhere. Show off those pretty girl shoes we see you out and about in by getting those feet on the ground.

3. Get your beauty rest. All those late nights out with mom and dad aren’t doing you any favors, but we realize it’s part of being a celebrity kid. Kids need their zzzzz’s though – celeb or not!

4. Cut back on the sweets. Cupcakes for breakfast, penis shaped gummies (yeah, we know those were a mistake!)… we seem to see you more often in candy shops than roaming the produce at a farmers market.

5. Don’t let the haters get to you. Suri, you’ve got a sweet setup, so enjoy the ride!

Though Tom and Katie were rumored to give Suri a $5 million birthday gift, these are all totally free ideas!