Suri Cruise Continues To Learn How To Ride Her Bike With A Friend (Photos)

Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes

It looks like she is getting the hang of this!

Celebrity tot Suri Cruise was spotted once again learning how to ride her bike with the help of her mother, actress Katie Holmes, at a park in New York City on Saturday afternoon. And not only was Suri’s mom there to help give her a hand with things, but a good friend of Suri’s was riding her bike with her, too.

Learning to ride your bike is one of the biggest challenges that a toddler faces, but one you get the swing of things, it’s oodles of fun, which I’m sure Suri is experiencing.

Check out our photos below!

  • Suri Cruise 1 of 5
    Suri Cruise
    Actress Katie Holmes seen helping daughter Suri ride her pink bike in a park in the West Village, New York.
  • Stylish 2 of 5
    Only Suri would look this fashionable while learning how to ride her bike. :-)
  • Fun! 3 of 5
    I am loving both the dress and the green shoes! Plus, it looks like she's having much more fun this week.
  • What’s Next? 4 of 5
    What's Next?
    Go, Suri, go! Before you know it, she'll be getting her driver's license and driving a car!
  • With Mom 5 of 5
    With Mom
    It's great to see Katie encouraging her daughter how to learn to ride her bike. She's a great hands-on mom!

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