Suri Cruise Gives her Mom Katie Holmes Fashion Advice


Suri Cruise calls the shots when it comes to Katie Holmes’ wardrobe.

“Suri is very helpful,” said Katie on Regis & Kelly. 

“Actually, I go to her, and I say, ‘What shoes?’ and she picks them out. Many times, I’ll be getting ready for an event or something, and I’ll say, ‘Suri, what do you think?’ And, she’s like, ‘Definitely those! Those!’ And, she won’t let me leave unless I’m wearing what she wants me to wear. She’s got great taste!”

Suri was feeling a little shy when photographers caught her with mom and dad Tom Cruise as they left their New York apartment en route to Holmes’ Regis & Kelly taping.

Suri won’t leave home without her blankie.  Must be her fave accessory, and she already is showing her expensive taste. The blanket sells on for $165!

Katie seems to be very proud of the fashionista her daughter is and will inevitably become, if her mother will have it her way!  I can imagine that Katie is already planning out a career for Suri as a fashion designer.

My 3.5 year old son already picks out his wardrobe.  Would you take fashion advice from your 4-year-old?


Photo: WireImage