Suri Cruise Has Full On Trantrum in FAO Schwarz: How Did Mom Katie Holmes Handle It?

Suri Cruise Had FAO Freak Out

Suri Cruise, she did it again. This time she turned heads for not the right reasons and at the kid mecca FAO Schwarz of all places.

I swear, every time I have been in FAO Schwarz I have witnessed some kind of toddler tantrum, kiddy freak out and/or a river of tears shed by some very unhappy child. Why do they get so upset in such a magic wonderland of kid-sized awesomeness? Usually it’s for Verruca Salt like reasons, they want the whole world and they want it now.

Most of these kids we witness getting all weepy and wacky are usually just little anonymous Jimmy or Janey. But this week the one and only Suri Cruise was the one getting her FAO freak out on. She cried, she pouted, she screamed…how did Katie Holmes manage the melt down?

With sugar! This seems to be Katie’s go-to item to calm her child. To keep her under control at FAO’s Katie reportedly gave her a lollipop and an armful of toys and Suri then calmed down.

But here’s the question. Is Katie just continuing to spoil Suri or is she forced to resort to this because she doesn’t want more fodder for the the public and the paparazzi?