Suri Cruise Is Learning Chinese In Her New School

Suri Cruise

It looks like Suri Cruise will not only be able to better understand Kai Lan, but she’ll be able to speak to her too!

There is a new report that says Suri Cruise is studying Mandarin at the new school that her mother Katie Holmes enrolled her in just last month after she decided to split from ex-hubby Tom Cruise and pull her 6-year-old daughter away from Scientology.

“Suri is going to be learning Mandarin,” a source exclusively told “She is the program for the Lower School which focuses on Chinese, and this is a great foundation for her.”

I mean, how cool is that? I’ve always loved learning foreign languages and even have my own 4-year-old daughter enrolled in two different foreign language programs, too. As they say, the younger you start, the better, and there’s no better education in this world that learning and understanding a different culture. Suri will definitely be a step ahead of her peers with a good understanding of Mandarin under her belt, that is, if she doesn’t become the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue (it can so happen!). Kudos to Katie for standing her ground and giving her daughter the opportunity to have a great, rewarding education that might one day help Suri become a world-renowned Polyglot.

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