Suri Cruise is VERY Protective of Her Baby Doll - Keeps Her Covered (Photos)

Suri Cruise is a Protective of Her Baby Doll

A child psychologist would probably have a field day with these photos of Suri Cruise. While out and about doing for some fun at the Make Meaning craft shop and Two Little Red Hens bakery in the Upper East Side, Suri kept one of her many toys close to her body and carefully wrapped up in a blanket. I’m pretty far from a psychologist, but it seems that the way she is protecting her doll and hiding her is perhaps how she would like to be when out in public. Suri is often covering her face and clinging to her parents, so it does very much seem like a reflection of her own feelings.

Check out another photo of Suri Cruise in her protective role right here. What do you think?