Suri Cruise: Mini Fashion Icon



Suri Cruise is only three years old, still a messy eater and loves playing with dolls, but that doesn’t mean the celebu-tot can’t be a style icon!

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Top designers are wanting to dress the adorable daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and who can blame them?  Suri is so cute!


Suri already has a wardrobe that would make most fashionistas jealous.  She has clothing from Burberry, Dior and Cavalli and was recently spotted wearing a Ralph Lauren Illyana dress and the fashion house put out a statement saying so.


Suri has even had a mould taken of her feet so a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes could be custom-made for her.

Suri is often spotted out with mom Katie, and is usually dressed to the nines.  Rarely have we seen her in anything but a gorgeous dress and Mary Jane shoes.


I wonder if Suri enjoys shopping (I’m guessing, yes)?  My daughter (who is now eight) has loved shopping from a very early age – probably all my fault, I’m sure!


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