Suri Cruise Not Dressed For NYC Weather: Put Some Tights On Her! (Photos)

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Why Doesn't Suri Have Tights On?

Suri Cruise has been having quite the trip in New York City with her parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes this week. From late night dinners, to Broadway shows, to shopping for candy, she definitely has a lot on her calendar for a not-quite five year old!

I live in the Northeast, and the weather where I live is pretty much identical to the weather in NYC. Yesterday was a chilly and windy one, so why isn’t Suri Cruise dressed appropriately for the temperatures in New York?

These photos of Tom, Katie, and Suri were taken outside of their Manhattan apartment, and as you can see, Suri is in a dress with bare legs. Couldn’t Katie and Tom think to put some tights on her before venturing out?

suri cruise tom cruise katie holmes
Put Some Tights on Suri!
tom cruise suri cruise
"'s cold Daddy!"

Tom and Katie were both comfortably dressed in jeans yesterday, so it was probably a lot more bearable for them walking around the city than it was for Suri. Luckily temps should be warming up in NYC soon, so her Spring attire will be much more fitting.

Photos: Pacific Coast News