Suri Cruise Throws A Major Temper Tantrum Over Her Blanket

Suri and her mom Katie Holmes

You can take away the Louboutin heels, the Ferragamo handbag and the Pucci dress, but the one thing that Suri Cruise can’t live without hold for it is her favorite blanket.

The pint-sized fashionista threw an extra large fit yesterday when photographers snapped her crying tears into the Hudson River while boarding a helicopter without her blanket.Thankfully Suri’s bodyguard came to the rescue and helped dry the little tyke’s tears by finding her blanket.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ little princess was quickly consoled with her favorite comfort piece in her hands.

Her mom Katie, meanwhile, kept her cool the entire time by letting little Suri calm herself down.

Tell us, have you ever had to deal with your child’s very public temper tantrum?  Were you able to keep your cool the same way Katie did with Suri?


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