Suri Cruise Yells at Paparazzi, Tells Them to Take Photos of Baby Doll (Video)

suri cruise yells at paparazzi video
Suri Cruise yells at the paparazzi!

Suri Cruise tells off the paparazzi! Well… sort of. Watch Suri Cruise in this video clip, where you can see and hear the click of the cameras in her face. Suri’s response? Telling the paparazzi to go to hell take a photo of her baby doll instead of her.

Suri shouts: “Take a picture of my baby instead!”

Suri has had it when it comes to the constant cameras in her face – just yesterday, Suri was snapped with a doll in front of her face and later burying her head in mom Katie Holmes’ shoulder.

But to hear Suri talk to the paparazzi? Go Suri! She’s moving up the ranks in celebrity kid attitude, following closely behind Shiloh Jolie Pitt sticking her tongue out at the paparazzi.

It’s got to get annoying, having photographers follow you everywhere and never having a shred of privacy.

What do you think about Suri telling off the paps? I’d say she’s got a legit reason for wanting the photographers to step off!

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