Suri Cruise Isn't As Spoiled As We Thought


katie-holmes-suri-cruise-hermes-bags-10We can all breathe a sigh of relief. Why? Because Suri Cruise doesn’t have a 3 million dollar wardrobe. Her clothes are probably worth more than all of ours put together, but still, it’s not 3 million.
Tom Cruise’s publicist said, “This report is ridiculous, and simply not true.”

Well good, I’m relieved.

It’s kind of sad, but a celebrity stylist weighed in on the issue as well. “You don’t hear of Lourdes [Madonna’s daughter] being dressed like that or Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s kids. You see Maddox [Jolie-Pitt] wearing the same T-shirts. They are kids. Most celebrities want their kids sheltered from this kind of existence. They want them shielded from the media. But it’s like they [Cruise and Holmes] are pimping her by putting her so out there.”

Ah yes, pimping her out. That’s kind of harsh isn’t it?