Suri Cruise's Epic Toy Collection - Man, This Kid Has Alot of Stuff! (Photos)

Suri Cruise with One of Her Many Dolls

With starlets you very rarely see them wearing the same thing twice. But for Suri Cruise, she is rarely seen out with the same toy twice.

For those under the age of ten, it’s not the fashion that is important – it’s the toys. And Suri, she has a whole lot of toys. From baby dolls, to teddy bears, to bunny rabbits, she has a huge collection. Just think what her room must be like? We know her closet is legendary, but just think of her toy chest/s!

For a sampling of Suri and all her beloved toys, check out this slideshow of her favorite play things.

  • Suri Cruise 1 of 14
    Suri Cruise
    Suri with a baby doll in a box.
  • Suri Cruise 2 of 14
    Suri Cruise
    Suri with her polar bear.
  • Suri Cruise & Katie Holmes 3 of 14
    Suri Cruise  & Katie Holmes
    Suri's mom Katie carries her pink bunny.
  • Suri Cruise 4 of 14
    Suri Cruise
    It's Suri and her yellow suited baby doll!
  • Suri Cruise 5 of 14
    Suri Cruise
    This time Suri goes out with her leopard.
  • Katie Holmes 6 of 14
    Katie Holmes
    Yet again, Katie holds onto one of Suri's bunnies.
  • Suri Cruise 7 of 14
    Suri Cruise
    Katie's arms are full with Suri, and American Girl doll and a doggie plush.
  • Suri Cruise 8 of 14
    Suri Cruise
    Suri and one of her many baby dolls.
  • Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise 9 of 14
    Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
    Mom Katie held onto one of her dolly grandkids.
  • Suri Cruise and Tom Cruise 10 of 14
    Suri Cruise and Tom Cruise
    Suri takes her Hello Kitty out for the day.
  • Suri Cruise, Katie and Tom 11 of 14
    Suri Cruise, Katie and Tom
    It was the teddy bears turn to go out with the famous family.
  • Suri Cruise 12 of 14
    Suri Cruise
    A pink creature kept the little girl company, but again Katie helping with the carrying.
  • Suri Cruise 13 of 14
    Suri Cruise
    An elephant makes a rare appearance.
  • Suri Cruise 14 of 14
    Suri Cruise
    And back to a kid loved classic, another one of Suri's teddy bears got their moment in the sun.