Suri Cruise's Halloween Costume Costs $6,000!


Suri Cruise halloween costume

Suri Cruise’s wardrobe cost more than most people’s mortgage. She has designer dresses, high hells, and purses that a grown woman saves years for. Of course her Halloween costume would be just as high-priced and decadent. It’s not like you’d ever catch Katie in a Walmart!

Come October 31st, Suri will be decked out in a custom-made princess dress with real jewels at a cost of more than (more than!) $6,000.

“It’s more than a month away, but Suri already has her fairy-princess gown and will be wearing diamonds with her costume,” a friend tells In Touch.

Imagine you are the person who opens the door to hand Suri a mini pack of Skittles. I would invite Tom and Katie in and give them a lecture. There is a point where spoiling your kid becomes harmful and this is it. Sure, dressing up is fun, but Suri would probably be just as happy in something far less pricey. Look how much she loved her bunny ears! She was seen wearing the fuzzy pair for days after Easter and they couldn’t have cost more than $5.  At the least, since this has already been purchased, they can make it into a good lesson by donating it or giving equal funds to a non-profit.


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