Suri Cruise's Latest Demand…


Suri Cruise is spoiled. Sorry-but she is. Not to say she’s a brat or not being brought up well, because she may be very sweet and I’m sure Tom and Katie are doing a wonderful job-but what her highness wants her highness gets. Her wardrobe costs more than most mortgages, she eats at the best restaurants, she has her very own iPad and I’m pretty sure if she wanted a gold-plated Barbie all she would have to do is snap her fingers.

Her latest wish came when seeing Tom’s co-star Cameron Diaz during a premier for dad’s new movie Knight & Day.“She really took a liking to my dress,” says Cameron. “She came over to me and said, ‘I like your dress.’ I thanked her and then she said, ‘I want your dress.’ I was like, ‘Well, honey I’m sure Mommy can get you one. If only we were the same size.”

Would Cameron give it to her? Right there off her back? Of course not, but maybe if Suri were bigger they could swap. I’m sure Cam would have no problem borrowing from Suri’s closet if it was her size. I know I wouldn’t!