Suri Curise's New Defense Against the Paparazzi - Making a Run For It! (Photos)

Suri Makes a Run for It

It appears that Suri Cruise has a new anti-paparazzi technique. In the past she has been seen hiding behind her hands, using blankets as cloaking devices and melting into her famous father and mother’s arms.  But she apparently has a new way of avoiding being photographed (for that many shots that is)…she makes a run for it!

While in New York City, Suri Cruise made a sprint for the door of their safe haven – their apartment building. Mom Katie Holmes was hurrying behind her, carrying not just her Blackberry but a book for Suri. What is Suri reading right now?

She is reading one of the American Girl Doll books. The one she is carrying is from the Molly series – you can check out the books right here. Have you read American Girl doll books to your kids?



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