Suri Maintains Iron-Clad Grip on Katie's Wardrobe Choices


Katie Holmes You think Tom Cruise has Katie’s mind in a sleeper hold, that’s nothing compared to the influence that Suri wields over her mom’s choices. At Elle‘s Women in Hollywood Tribute on Monday night, Katie revealed that her daughter dressed her before she left the house — and usually does.

OK, I’m dragging this lame joke out a little too long here… not the Tom Cruise brainwashing part, the Suri part. Still, when asked by Us Magazine if fashion-savvy Suri had picked out mommy’s wardrobe for the night, Katie had this to say:

“She did! She gave me a big thumbs up! She loves clothes and picks out her own. She loves running and she loves dancing.”

Really? Suri picked out the see-through shirt?

Amidst rumors that Suri may be a little spoiled, sources close to TomKat says that she’s not so much spoiled as she is a master of manipulation. In other words, she takes after her father. Says the source:

“Suri makes the rules and Tom and Katie go along with it,” a pal says. Adds another: “She is not a spoiled brat, but she is the center of their universe.”

Sorry, not to rain on Tom and Katie’s parade here, but doesn’t that sound a heck of a lot like the very definition of a spoiled child?