Suri Spoil Alert! Suri Cruise's Parents Spend $5000 to Take Her Ice Skating!

Suri Spoled Again!

Oh, to be Suri Cruise. One of the most spoiled kids in the world had yet another A+ perk over Christmas. This time her parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes allegedly shelled out $5,000, yet FIVE K, to take her ice skating. How did it end up being so expensive?

According to the New York Post, TomKat took Suri ice skating at the famed New York’s Rockefeller Center.  Generally hitting the ice there usually just cost $75 for an hour and half.  But that’s not how Suri roles. Instead they spent $5,000 to rent out the rink’s “Igloo,” which is a VIP area so they wouldn’t have to stand in line and have a shelter. The Igloo can provide food but instead they had good brought in. An insider said they, got “hot chocolate from Serendipity 3 and sweets from Jacques Torres brought in “especially for Suri.””

If you had that much money, would you spend it in such a way?