Surprise! Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Had a Baby!


So it isn’t Sandra Bullock adopting a baby in the midst of a cheating scandal. But we have another surprise baby to welcome, all the same!

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan and girlfriend Hilarie Burton announced yesterday that they are the proud parents of a brand new baby boy. Well, not exactly brand new. He was born a few months ago. Which month? They aren’t saying. What’s his name? They aren’t saying that either.

They have a lot of practice at not saying. In fact, they managed to keep the entire pregnancy, delivery and post-partum period to themselves. How? Well, apparently Burton was not photographed in public, at all, between May 2009 and last month.

Wow. She must have the most active Netflix membership in history, because that is a looooong time to be hanging out at home.

Still, if their goal is to insulate their child from the kind of notoriety that some star kids receive, then keeping this stuff to themselves is a great start. (Also, refrain from buying him a $3 million wardrobe, giving him a funny name, or subjecting him to a reality TV show.) And if the Sandra Bullock thing proved anything, it is that even in the midst of a media feeding frenzy, it is possible to keep some things to yourself.

In fact, is this a new trend in Hollywood—keeping your mouth shut? Staying home and not letting anyone take your picture? Maintaining some semblance of privacy? I wouldn’t count on it.

A final note: in case anyone is counting, this is the second time Jeffrey Dean Morgan has surprised us with a baby, although admittedly, the last time was a surprise for him, too. He learned a year ago that he is the father of a five-year old son by actress Sherrie Ross.

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