Survivor 22 Redemption Island: New Survivor 22 Twist, Premieres February 16 (Video)

survivor 22 redemption island february 16
Survivor 22 Redemption Island

Survivor 22 Redemption Island offers a new twist that changes the Survivor game!

After 21 seasons of Survivor, when someone is voted off, they’re out of the game – that changes with season 22’s Survivor Redemption Island, where the person voted off will live alone on Redemption Island. 

The next person voted off will also go to Redemption Island and they’ll duel – the one winner will return to the game!

Survivor 22 Redemption Island premieres on February 16.

The Survivor 22 details were revealed tonight during Survivor Nicaragua’s finale.

Jeff Probst had teased on his blog at that the Survivor Nicaragua finale would have a “big announcement” about the upcoming season – “EPIC,” he called it.

Just how epic will Survivor 22 be? Not as epic as some had predicted, as spoilers had been buzzing that Survivor 22 would offer a match up between Boston Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz

Will you watch Survivor 22 Redemption Island with its new twist… or has this reality show run its course?