Survivor 22 Survivor Redemption Island: Has Survivor Run Its Course?

survivor redemption island
Survivor 22 Survivor Redemption Island: Has Survivor Run Out Of Ideas?

Survivor 22, Survivor Redemption Island premieres on February 16, and has a new twist to try and change up the game a bit. You can read more about the big twist here, but basically, when people are voted off the main island, then will then go to Redemption Island where they will stay and wait for the next contestant who is voted off to arrive. Cast-offs will compete to stay on Redemption Island until there is one player left, who will then rejoin the main Survivor game.

The Survivor Finale for Survivor Nicaragua was last night…and in case you don’t know who won yet, you can find Survivor Nicaragua spoilers here. After having contestants quit on this past season of Survivor, which had an influence on who won Survivor Nicaragua, we can’t help but wonder if the Survivor franchise has run its course. Now that players know how the game is played and are getting more strategic, is it even fun to watch anymore?

It’s seems like Survivor is running out of ideas to keep the game interesting, and that is why they threw in this big twist with Survivor 22, Survivor Redemption Island. What do you think?