Survivor Finale: Things to Know about the Survivor Winner Fabio

Fabio wins Survivor Nicaragua

On the Survivor finale tonight, “Fabio” Jud Birza was named the Sole Survivor.

What do we know about the youngest winner of the game of Survivor?

*Though he was nicknamed “Fabio” on the show due to his hair and his occupation, his real name is Judson Birza.

*He was starting his modeling career prior to being on Survivor.

*Fabio won Survivor by a vote of 5 to 4, narrowly beating out Chase, the country singer from North Carolina.

*The 21 year-old claims to come from a family of artists.

*When asked what he was going to do after he gets his winnings, he said “I’m going to have a lot of fun.”

Honestly, watching the final tribal council, it didn’t seem like many people took Fabio too seriously. They seemed to think he just lucked into the final three, though he did manage to win the last three tribal councils. He still seemed to play the role of a goofball and his winning was a little surprising.

Were you surprised to see Fabio win? Who did you think would win?