Survivor Recap: Russell's Guidance Would Have Been Helpful!


survivor recapOn last week’s Survivor, Krista was voted to Redemption Island. So, this week, she had to face of against Matt. Matt has had a run of luck on Survivor so far.

Matt and Krista went into the duel praying for the outcome. It was sweet. But, they still had to compete against each other. They had to retrieve bags with a grappling hook and then use a ball in the bag to complete a labyrinth-like puzzle. It was very close, with Krista actually leading for a lot of the challenge. But, Matt once again wins the duel. Though Krista left her Bible for Matt when she left.

For the immunity and reward challenge, the teams had to launch balls into the air with a giant slingshot-looking contraption. The Survivors had to catch the balls in nets.  They could catch balls from either team.

Boston Rob’s team won. Russell’s team really should have kept him around. Yes, I’m still in morning over Russell being voted out.

Sarita and Stephanie were the two names being tossed around for elimination. The tribe started thinking that it might be best to get rid of Sarita since she is seen as weaker than Stephanie.

But, Stephanie was voted out.