Survivor Redemption Island: Boston Rob and Russell Hantz Join Cast! (Video)

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Boston Rob and Russell return to Survivor Redemption Island!

The Survivor Redemption Island cast gets two more… yes, Boston Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz are back! The rumors about Russell Hantz and Boston Rob returning to Survivor are true!

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What does this mean for Survivor: Redemption Island? First of all, it means we’ve got a kick ass season of Survivor ahead of us, with Boston Rob and Russell returning to a game they’ve played like no other.

Boston Rob returns to Survivor for the fourth time, while Russell Hantz is back for a third go.

Jeff Probst explains Rob and Russell’s return to Survivor, saying that neither returning veteran will get immunity. Watch Jeff Probst talk more about the Survivor Redemption Island contestants in this video clip.

Probst explains, “I do not think Russell or Rob will be the first person voted out of this game. Because I think they bring too much experience — 156 days between the two of them. When you’re playing a game, there’s a lot to be learned.”